Engraving/Laser Engraving by Identilabel
 Engraving/Laser Engraving

Printed Labels
 Printed Labels

Engraving/Laser Engraving:

Labels can be engraved using a wide range of plastic laminates and colour combinations.

Ranging from internal grade laminates, through to rigid, reverse engraveable and UV stable / external grades, in a choice of thicknesses.

Labels can also be engraved in other materials such as Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Brass, Aluminium & Stainless Steel.

Labels can be manufactured in any size, shape & colour combination.

Labels can either be supplied with fixing holes or self adhesive backing.



Printed labels on rolls
 Printed labels on rolls
Labels can be printed on many types of material
Such as self adhesive paper, vinyl, pvc, polyester, polycarbonate, anodised aluminium & aluminium foil.

Labels can be cut to any shape or size required,
And can be supplied individually cut, die cut, on rolls or on sheets

Labels can also be printed with protective lamination or clear overvarnish to be more durable.

Resin domed labels are also available.

 Etching by Identilabel


Labels can be etched and paint filled to any pantone colour in brass or stainless steel with a choice of either polished or satin (grained) finishes.

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